Textile Laminate Center MAGNETIX in addition to its services of laminating, bonding and gluing various types of fabrics offers a modern, computer operated cutter.

We cut fabrics and knitwear, technical fabrics, decorative fabrics, laminates and various types of foam.

The automated cuter is a new generation machine, adjusted to the computer operated production. It is an innovative machine, and its usage in the production process, should be regarded as a new process and production quality. During a comparative analysis it has been determined that the machine and its technology both bear the marks of innovation on the national scale, confirmed by the Opinion on Innovation issued by NOT.

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Owning a modern fully automated cutting and spreading line we can meet the raising quality needs. The multilayer cutter allows cutting one layer which is up to 60 mm in height of compressed fabric, while maintaining high efficiency of the process and the highest precision (for example head positioning accuracy is 0,05 mm and the precision of the blade 0,01 mm).

A modern head construction allows to cut even the most demanding, and difficult to cut, hard fabrics or knitwear such as kevlar, special technical fabrics and materials, coated fabrics or fabrics which are easily ripped. Computer control enhances the reliability of the system, the precision and efficiency of the cutting process and its preparation.

It allows us to cut out detailed elements with extreme precision. In contrast to standard cutting, the cutter allows to do internal points (cuts, drills).




To meet your needs, we offer additional, free of charge services:


Cardboard patterns are transferred, with the use of a specialized photodigitalizer, do the computer and saved in digital form. Thanks to this they can undergo grading or cutting arrangement.


The aim is the least possible fabric use with the least possible leftover. It allows to save more than 5%in terms of fabric usage.

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