Dynamic growth, a constantly increasing number of orders and clients have led to the decision to expand the company and implement new services. We expanded our machinery resources to include a second glue lamination line, and recently launched a line for component wrapping.


Our services

We have 5 state-of-the-art lamination lines that enable us to handle a wide variety of projects. Automatic cutting and fixed-temperature embossing complete our range of services. We tailor the right method to the client’s specific needs based on the size and type of components. Our latest service is component wrapping.

The core service of our company is flame and adhesive lamination (Hot-Melt).

Other services

We operate not only internally, but also externally. As a result of our work, we can provide both a laminate and a finished product tailored to the client’s needs. The experience gained over the years has resulted in the development of a network of trusted partners. This allows us to expand our scope of activity with proven materials and services to create a comprehensive customer experience.

The aim of our research and development activities is to seek and implement innovative solutions for textile composites

…and processes involved in their manufacture. Cooperation with research units provides access to top-class laboratory equipment and the knowledge of experts in materials science and other fields. The in-house laboratory enables us to quickly verify the tests performed, which in many cases significantly speeds up project implementation.

As a result of our work, we develop solutions that respond to current market and individual customer needs. Our work also often provides support for projects implemented by our partners.

If you are looking for innovative solutions to help improve your brand’s products, contact us. We provide a professional and individual approach to each order to help improve your company’s products. Contact us and we will certainly find the right solution.


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