CSR Initiatives

We believe that a business based on ethical values and sustainable development brings the best results. Corporate social responsibility is one of the key elements of our company strategy. Its focus is on responsible business management and how this affects our environment.


We want Magnetix to grow sustainably and for our business to enrich our surroundings with the values we represent and identify with. Therefore, the company’s development strategy was designed with corporate social responsibility in mind.

Our demands are manifested in 3 core areas of our business.


Social responsibility:

  • active participation in campaigns and support for charitable foundations,
  • promoting physical activity and blood donation,
  • employee satisfaction survey,
  • creating diversity-friendly workplaces,
  • looking after the health and safety of our employees,
  • providing training to improve the skills of our staff.

Environmental Responsibility:

  • reducing energy consumption through the use of renewable sources,
  • reduction in waste production,
  • reducing emissions,
  • development of a circular economy.

Economic Responsibility:

  • promoting business ethics and ethical behaviour among stakeholders,
  • verified and ethical supply chains,
  • compliance system.

In 2022, our company was awarded the Bronze Medal by EcoVadis,

the world’s largest independent rating platform assessing companies on sustainability and social responsibility.

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