We create specialized textile laminates for demanding industries


We are a leading
supplier of highly functional
textile-technical laminates

We are not afraid of unusual assignments and will meet any challenge the client approaches us with. Our mission is to create and deliver personalised and innovative solutions that allow our clients to succeed and stay ahead of the competition in changing market conditions.

With our recognisable brand, ethical stance and concern for our employees, we are also a valued and desirable employer, which is extremely important in the labour market in the industry we operate in.

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Flame lamination

The technology involves combining the material with polyurethane or polyethylene foam. In this process materials are bonded through the application of the flame on the foam, melting the glue that joins the layers of material. It is one of the fastest and most efficient laminating methods.

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HOT-MELT adhesive lamination

Adhesive lamination is the most versatile method of joining materials, allowing any material to be joined together. By using a reactive adhesive, the laminated material becomes more resistant to tearing, washing and high temperatures, while maintaining the vapour permeability of the bonding layer.

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An automated cutting machine allows high precision and repeatability of the punch with minimal material loss.

With the automatic  cutting service, we are able to quickly deliver the parts ready for further processing.

We also offer cylindrical cutting using customer-specific punches.

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The embossing process enables attractive designs as well as logos to be produced on a variety of thermoplastic materials and foam laminates.

Embossing is performed on pre-cut parts.

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Our latest service is the wrapping of plastic or composite parts using die-cut textile formats. The joining technology and the binders used enable a high quality connection of the components.

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How to start a partnership


Expert consultation

Our employee will ask you about the results you would like to achieve and will advise you on the most optimal solution along with the offer.


Trial production

Our team will perform a production test, examine the results achieved and prepare technological and quality documentation.


Your decision

Having a complete set of information and samples of your product, you can make a good decision for your company.

Jak rozpocząć współpracę
Mobility ikona Mobility


in all upholstery and technical components in means of transport MORE
Medical ikona Medical


in protective clothing, medical and rehabilitation equipment MORE
Interior Design ikona Interior Design

Interior Design

in all upholstered and functional interior design elements MORE
Technical ikona Technical


in construction, soundproofing and protection components for construction and machine production MORE
Wear ikona Wear


in clothing, footwear and many types of accessories designed for comfort, safety and durability. MORE

30 years of experience

Over 100 employees

13,000m2 of production and storage space


In 2022, our company was awarded the Bronze Medal by EcoVadis,

the world’s largest independent rating platform assessing companies on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


Our Partners:

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If you are looking for innovative solutions to help improve your brand’s products, contact us. We provide a professional and individual approach to each order to help improve your company’s products. Contact us and we will certainly find the right solution.


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