In this technology, fabric is bonded with a polyurethane or polyethylene foam. It is done so by applying heat from a flame to the foam, causing the glue to melt and bond the layers together.

It is one of the fastest lamination methods, however, a constant use of foam is needed. Our machinery allows us to produce laminates of 208 cm in width and 16 mm thick.

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For laminating, we use standard polyester foams as well as foams of an increased density or foams with a higher fire resistance, which have European certificates, and which meet a number of safety norms. We laminate fabrics with the width from 100 cm to 208 cm, with a foam in a white, gray or any other color, and the thickness: from 1,6 mm to 16 mm. Thicker foams are produced for individual orders.

In the process of laminating we offer a charmeuse in various widths in black or white, and also nets used for velcro, wigofils of various weight and widths, membranes, barrier, aluminum or PCV films and reinforcing mesh.

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