In order to assure the quality of our products and services, in 2004 Magnetix implemented and since then holds the Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001 TUV Management Service located in Munich. In September 2013 the company has received the TS 16949 certificate.

Guaranty of high standard and in accordance with the provisions in force.

We help the client in determining the correct lamination parameters, in order to meet their individual needs, The modern technology, the production line and private laboratories allow us to fully meet the needs of our clients.

Meeting the demands and needs of our clients in terms of services laminating fabrics and knitwear using the flame and adhesive methods is our main goal.

Each product delivered to our clients is, and will be, a recommendation for Magnetix as a reliable company, which guaranties a high standard and an accordance with the standards.

In order to achieve this:

  • we constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system which functions at our company,
  • in our business we keep track of, and apply laws, norms and regulations, but also the technological advancements,
  • we check the level of satisfaction with our clients and carry out activities in order to improve that satisfaction,
  • we set goals in terms of quality on every management level, and for every function,
  • we raise awareness with our employees as to the importance of meeting the clients’ demands and regulations,
  • we improve our cooperation with suppliers and other parties interested in our business
  • we systematically improve the qualifications of our staff.

In 2010, Magnetix began cooperation with the Textile Research Institute and the Institute of Biopolimers and Chemical Fibres in order to constantly enhance the quality of the final product. In order to do so, a special research and development department has been created in the company.

Meet our research and development team.

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